Little City — a Mockup Magazine Project

Little City -- a Mockup Magazine Project

I was assigned to work in a small group to create a mockup magazine. We chose to make a travel magazine, focusing on small towns. This “issue” is based on Staunton, Virginia. Each one of us was responsible for 4 pages. I designed the inside front cover (an ad for YMCA), the table of contents, and the spread titled “Downtown Staunton — Small Businesses Thrive in this Tiny Community”. All of the writing in this magazine were lifted from other sources and do not belong to anyone who worked on this project, as this was merely an exercise in page layout and design.

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Infographic on Productivity

Infographic on Productivity

I was assigned to create an infographic on a set of data I collected. I decided to see how much of my time was spent productively over Spring Break. The results helped me see when I spend the most time working, and helped me get an idea of how much time I needed to put into my final project.

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Salad Servers That Mock Plants

Here’s a cool idea. These salad servers look like plants and are stored in a cute pot. I think it’s easy to make the association of salad and plants, and that’s what really makes this piece so interesting to me. The pot is still useful, too. It can be used to mix or serve salad dressing! How cute. I love to see a design where everything is useful.

As always, click through the image for more information on the design.

Seasonal Spice Rack

I like how this spice rack represents the four seasons. I think it is a really cute way to showcase your most often used (or favorite) spices. It would be really cool if there were some with flowers in them, or other plants so you could use other colored spices and still have the illusion of a habitat.

Click through for more information (sadly, it’s out of stock).

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

I really like clever products that combine two concepts together like this. Both wheels slice the pizza, preventing you from having to make multiple passes through. The only issue is that there is no clear handle to hold. Maybe making a silly, oversized bicycle seat as the handle would pull this design together a bit more.

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Cute Tea Cosy Transforms Kettle Into a Snail

Cute Tea Cosy Transforms Kettle Into a Snail

I’m in love with this tea cosy I found the other day. Anke Klempner sells the snails as a pattern so anyone can make their own. The way the cosy is made causes the kettle to transform into a comical looking snail. I especially like the green, spiral stitches going up the shell. It’s a nice touch.

Click through the image to go to Klempner’s ravelry page, where she posts her knitting work.